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If you are looking for a bowtie that shows your Georgia Peach pride, then look no further than Stacey, which is a beautiful cobalt blue bowtie, with juicy peaches on it! Your day at the office or night on the town will definitely be peachy with Stacey around your neck.

Why the name Stacey?

I chose the name Stacey to pay homage for all the work Stacey Abrams did to turn Georgia blue in the 2020 presidential elections and it is one of the first bowties made by me that makes a political statement along with its fashion. I find it to be the most appropriate name for a blue bowtie with peaches on it.

Who is Stacey for?

Being a fun bowtie that to wear to the office, it can also be worn for a night on the town. Pair it with a tuxedo for a fun and light-hearted flair. It is for someone who likes to make political statements with their fashion. As with all the bowties in the collection, Stacey is a gender neutral accessory, meaning that anyone can wear it. Some choose to wear the bowties as hair bows because of the adjustable, stretchy band.

Color Coordination Suggestions for Stacey

Pair Stacey with a plethora of colors. Pink is a great contrast color to pair Stacey with and it is a fun play of colors. Shades of green are also a great pairing for Stacey. Yellow is yet another color that is fun and colorful to go with Stacey. As always, black and white are always safe bets.


Stacey measures to be about five inches in length and three inches in height. It has an adjustable and stretchy strap that accommodates multiple neck sizes comfortably. Strap this Georgia bowtie on, adjust, and go have fun!