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Hand made bowties & jewelry from New Orleans
Handmade bowties and jewelry from New Orleans

Hello & welcome to The Endless Journey Collection

EJC was birthed in August of 2016 as a small idea when I began to make beaded bracelets for an event I was doing. Upon posting my creation to social media and seeing all the positive reviews, I made the daring decision to begin making money off of my creations. I had been creating things long before 2016, as I created my first bowtie in 2012. However, it is was far less perfected than the creations you see today. The ideal of EJC is to promote diversity and freedom and the wings I use as my signature signify perseverance, power and freedom. These are values that are very dear to me, and they drive the production of my hand made bow ties and jewelry.

One of the things that I love about my business is the happiness and confidence that it spreads, whether it is from a customer purchasing it for themselves, or to gift a loved one with. Upon creating my hand made bowties and jewelry, I name them to reflect the different personality or attribute it represents. I pride myself on being able to present a collection that speaks to a diverse audience and can guarantee that there is something that is in the collection that speaks to everyone.