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A pink bowtie is a beautiful thing! Pink has always been in. Its up to you to make it work. Pynk is made of high quality cloth and has a faux leather middle piece. It is a good wedding bowtie and also great for other formal events.

Why the name Pynk?

Why not the name Pynk? It is a pink bowtie!

Who is Pynk for?

Pynk is a great option for formal event that requires wearing a tuxedo. It can also be suitable for going out for a night on the town. As with any of the other bowties, Pynk is gender neutral and anyone can wear it. I sometimes hear pushback from straight men insisting that they can’t pull off pink because it is a feminine color. However, again, I say that is how you rock it! Also, I will add that colors don’t assign themselves to genders. We do! Not sure how pink would look on you as a man? Open a separate tab, and google fashionable ways men wear pink. Pynk can also be worn as a hair bow for those that choose to do so due to its adjustable and stretchy strap.

Color Coordinating Suggestions for Pynk

Pynk can be an intimidating color to coordinate for some because to some, it can be considered a loud and odd color. However, Pynk can go with more than you think. Of course, when in doubt, you can always count on a black shirt to save the day. I also feel like pink is one of those colors that goes with black better than others if that makes since. If black doesn’t work, why not try the other universal color? White! White goes with any color and is fresh and crisp. this of course works well if you have to wear a tuxedo. Gray is neutral color that can also work well with pink. Cobalt blue and navy are other great options for pairing.


Pynk is about 4 inches in length and 2.5 inches in height. The adjustable strap accommodates multiple neck sizes. The stretchiness of the strap aides in comfort.