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Muse is a canvas cloth bowtie with streaks of black tan and white.

Why the name Muse?

I named this bow tie muse because it reminds me of a blank canvas that was brushed with paint. The word muse means something or someone that provides inspiration to an artist. All of my bowties inspire me in different ways, including Muse.

Who is Muse for?

Muse is a nice multi-purpose bow tie. It can be worn to work. It can be worn in the evening as well for happy hour. Muse is a great gift for doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who love a unique bow tie.

Color Coordination Suggestions for Muse

Pair Muse with black, khaki, dark green, and brown.


Muse measures to be about five inches in length and three inches in height. It has an adjustable and stretchy strap that accommodates multiple neck sizes comfortably. Strap this bowtie on, adjust, and feel confident .

Additional information


Regular, Muse Jr (child's bow)