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Black bowties are a necessity for any wardrobes where a tie is require. Arrow goes a step future by being a high quality cloth, black bowtie with gold and white arrow patterns in it. The symmetry of it definitely gives it a distinct look.

Why the name Arrow?

I named this bowtie Arrow because of the arrow patterns in it. Arrow is also a cool and edgy name to name something.

Who is Arrow for?

Arrow is for someone who appreciates a black bowtie with little flare. It is perfect for events in which a tuxedo or suit is required such as weddings and balls. Arrow can also be worn as a work bowtie and out for a night on the town. It  can be worn as a hair bow because of the adjustable and stretchy strap. As with all the other bowties in the collection, it is intended to be a gender neutral fashion accessory, meaning anyone can wear it. I consider Arrow one of the more conservative bowties in the collection. Therefore, if you want something a bit more subtle, but that still has a distinctiveness to it, Arrow is your bowtie!

Color Coordination Suggestions for Arrow

Being a primarily black bowtie, with white and gold accenting it, you can pull it off with almost any color. My top suggestions for shirt to pair with Arrow would be white if you want it to pop being that it is a black bowtie. I also like a dark green shirt for arrow. The gold arrows in the bowtie and the green would go well together.

Sizing Specs

Arrow measures five inches in length and three inches in height. it has an adjustable strap to accommodate multiple neck sizes. the stretchy strap helps to aid in comfort while wearing.